Extra Yum
Order these yummy items on the side or combine them to create your very own dish! ps. It’s a great way to make a veggie meal.

Mexican Fried Cheese 4
House-made (vegan) Hominy 4
House-made (vegan) Pinto Beans 4
Fried Egg 1.5
Avocado 1.5
Korean BBQ Beef 5
Vietnamese Chicken 4
Fake Chicken (fickin) 5
Seared Whitefish (local) 6
Shrimp 6.5
Porchetta (pork) 5
Bowl of Sticky Rice 4
Bowl of Bap Veggies 7
Side of Fries 3

Curried Mayo .50
Curried Ketchup .50
Gochujang Sauce .50
Peruvian Lime Sauce .50
Salsa .50
Gluten Free Bun 2

Chocolate Caramel Bark (GF) 6.5
Crispy, chewy, sweet, nutty and salty- crunchy peanuts and smoked almonds.

Key Lime Tartlette 6.5
Coconut crusted sweetness infused with classic key lime flavors, and topped with fresh whipped cream.